December 18 - 20, 2006 New Delhi

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Talk Titles

Akhilesh Pandey, BaltimoreApproaching Systems Biology: Vignettes from an Indo-US Collaboration
Dan Gusfield, DavisEfficient and Practical Algorithms for Studying the History of Recombination in Populations: An introduction to Population Genomics
David  L Beveridge, MiddletownMolecular Dynamics Simulations of the 136 Unique
Tetranucleotide Sequences of DNA Oligonucleotides:
Informatics, Dynamical Structures, Hydration, Ion Atmosphere, and
Sequence Context Effects of the 10 Unique Dinucleotide Steps
David Sankoff, OttawaRemoving Noise and Ambiguities from Comparative Maps in Rearrangement
Gene Myers, HHMI Janelia Farms Imaging-Based Systems Biology
Michael Waterman, Los Angeles Constructing a Restriction Map of the Maize Genome
Mike Gribskov, Lafayette  
Ravi Iyengar, New YorkDynamic Topology of Biological Networks: Functional Consequences
Richard Lavery, Paris 
Ross King, AberystwythThe Robot Scientist Project
Stanislas Leibler, New YorkFluctuations, information, and survival: some lessons from bacteria
William L Jorgensen, New HavenFEP-Guidance for Rapid Lead Optimization of Anti-HIV Agents
Yoshiyuki Sakaki, RIKENFrom molecular simulation to network simulation 
Anirvan Sengupta, New BrunswickModeling Epigenetic Silencing
Ayako Kinoshita, Keio Hypoxic response of human red blood cell metabolism assessed by metabolomics and simulation
B Jayaram, New DelhiGene to Drug In Silico: A Molecular Bioinformatics Approach
Bostjan Kobe, BrisbanePrediction of substrate specificities of protein kinases
Carmay Lim, TaipeiFactors Governing the Maximum Number of Metal-bound Carboxylates in Metalloproteins
Debasisa Mohanty, New Delhi 
Devapriya Chaudhury, New Delhi  
G P S Raghava,  Chandigarh  
Gabriela Alexe, Yorktown HeightsMolecular profiles of breast cancer progression
Gad Landau, Haifa 
Gyan Bhanot, New Brunswick 
H A  Nagarajaram, HyderabadAn Interesting Saga of Simple Sequence Repeats in Mycobacterial Genomes
Indira Ghosh, PuneVirtual High Throughput Screening: will it help for lead identification?
Indrani Bose, KolkataThe p53-Mdm2 network: from oscillations to apoptosis
John Reinitz, Stony Brook 
K Sekar, BangaloreSAP: Structure Analysis Package
Laxmi Parida, Yorktown Heights Permutations in Bioinformatics
Manju Bansal, BangalorePromoter identification in bacterial genomes: Role of DNA structure vs sequence
N Gautham, ChennaiExploring Conformational Space Using a Mean Field Technique with MOLS
N Srinivasan, BangaloreKinomics
Narinder Sahni, New DelhiGene Ontology Based Prediction and Analysis of Microarray Data, GO-PAM
Pawan Dhar, RIKENDesign principles of molecular networks
Pinak Chakrabarti, KolkataResidue conservation and secondary structure features at protein-protein
Pramod Wangikar, MumbaiPrediction of Protein Structure Using Backbone Fragment Library and a Multilayered Learning Algorithm
Rahul Siddharthan,  Chennai.PhyloGibbs-MP: Detecting cis-regulatory modules by Gibbs sampling
Rajani Joshi, Mumbai Mining the GDB and PDB: A Statistical Perspective
Rama Ranganathan, DallasThe Evolutionary Design of Proteins
Ramesh Hariharan, Bangalore.Building Tools for Expression and Pathway Analysis
Ravi Sachidanandam, Cold Spring HarbourSpliceRack: Insights into splicing and evolution from
a splice site database
S Ramachandran, DelhiApplication of machine learning and statistical methods for analyzing complete sequences of genomes and proteomes
Sarah Teichmann, CambridgeEvolution and dynamics of transcription factor repertoires
Saraswathi Vishveshwara, BangaloreDynamics of Protein Structure Network: From Equilibrium and Unfolding Simulations on Lysozyme
Sharmila Mande Hyderabad  
Shobha Ranganathan, Sydney 
Somdatta Sinha, HyderabadModelling collective behaviour in interacting cell systems
T Werner,  Genomatix, Munich Routine systems biology-based microarray analysis
Dinakar M. SalunkeMolecular Mimicry and Vaccine Design
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